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The IDEAL Guest Experience

What does it feel like to do business with you?
Too many organizations focus on the transaction and not on the Experience.

The IDEAL Guest Experience is not just a catchy acronym, it's a design process, it's a company way of life and a cultural tool that builds a healthy organization.  

IDEAL = Inspire, Design, Execute, Align, Lead 

Inspire – Inspire your team to buy in to and work a World Class Guest Experience system by showing them what’s possible and what others have done.

  Design – Design your Vision, Guest Experience and Standards with your team and for your team. 

Execute – TLC – Train, Lead, Coach your team and your leadership in your new Experience and Culture.

Align – Make your Guest Experience and Culture even better by updating and augmenting.  

Leadership – Your team needs a leader who will champion, lead, sell and over communicate your Guest Experience and Culture

Results from using the IDEAL Guest Experience Model 
CREATE- Evangelists, a Sustainable Competitive Advantage and Irrelevant Pricing
INCREASE - Cultural Strength, Morale and Overall Organizational Health
IMPROVE - Retention of Internal and External Customers, Referrals

Don Thorpe can help your team navigate the process of creating cultural transformation that you, your Guests/Customers and most importantly, your team will see and feel

Connect with Don and start the conversation about how he can help you and your team to build your sustainable competitive advantage.  Don offers coaching, consulting, training and speaking to help you build your World Class Guest Experience.