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Hire Don to Speak and Inspire your Group
​​Depending upon your meeting needs and objectives, Don will customize a presentation on issues ranging from the Guest Experience in your business, how to improve your leadership strength, to what can you do today to Grow your Business and make it sustainable. Don believes that most business is very simple…but not easy. Participants will walk away with “put it to work today” activities to make an immediate impact on their lives and business.  Contact Don for pricing and customization plans.

Growing Your Business on Purpose

Are you ready to start achieving your business dreams…Attracting your Ideal Guests…Be on top of the money side of your business…and get more done every day?

Don Thorpe can help you to be positioned properly and heading in the right direction. The strategies he shares will have an immediate impact on your success. He will share what it takes to get the phone ringing, develop and maintain repeat and referral business.

Growing your Business on Purpose is a customizable program that walks the audience through 9 tried and true best practices to create growth in your business and overall organizational health.

Growing your Business on Purpose can be delivered in a 60-90 minute keynote, a three hour workshop or a one day event. 

Transform you business into the business you dreamed about. What are you waiting for?

The IDEAL Guest Experience 

The IDEAL Guest Experience is a comprehensive, holistic approach for any business to develop and/or improve the Experience they provide for their guests. IDEAL is an acronym for Introduce, Design, Execute, Align and Lead. 

The IDEAL Guest Experience can be delivered in a 60-90 minute keynote, a three hour workshop or a two day event. Each presentation is custom designed for the business that is striving to develop and maintain a World Class Guest Experience

Having a great Guest Experience is no longer a luxury that only large businesses can deliver. It is a survival tool in today’s market and the only true competitive advantage. 

Start today; make your business the obvious choice of the guests in your market.